Screenshot Saturday April 1st: Lost Castle, Blackwood Crossing and More

By Rebecca Smith,
April 1st has a strange effect on everyone. There are those that go out of their way to try and pull the wool over the eyes of their friends and families. Then there are others who daren't do anything for fear of not being taken seriously. It is likely the latter reason why this week's #screenshotsaturday was a quieter affair. There are images from just 13 titles and we're missing some of our more regular customers. Regardless, we're pushing ahead and you can find further information on each of the following titles by clicking on the game's name to be taken to the game's hub, home of all of the news that we have covered for the titles up until now.

Here are the most interesting images from last weekend, starting with the gifs and finishing with the still images.

Fury Unleashed

Dead End Job


Lost Castle


All of the still images can be seen in the carousel below. Before we begin, here's a list of convenient links to all of the games.

Join us next week to see what another #ScreenshotSaturday will bring.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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