First Two Worlds II Developer Diary Released

By Keith Gray, 8 years ago
Following the UK release date confirmation they provided last week, TopWare Interactive has released the first Developer Diary video for

The Developer Diary features TopWare Interactive's Creative Director/Project Manager for the title, Scott Cromie discussing the improvements which have been made over the first game in the franchise. The GRACE engine has been utilised to overhaul the appearance of the game. The character customisation mechanics have also been altered to allow more flexibility in the weapon stacking, alchemy and spell-casting options which are available. All of those elements are discussed in more detail in the video:

The Collector's version of the game, named the 'Royal Edition' was also announced last week. The 'Royal Edition' can now be pre-ordered exclusively from GAME for £69.99, ahead of its release on February 4th.
Credit for this story goes to Iceberg082006
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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