Weekend Headlines March 31st - April 2nd: Shiness, Project CARS 2 and More

By Rebecca Smith,
While there were only two announcements over the weekend, there was plenty of other news that might have slipped past you. Below we have trailers, screenshots and new DLC. Take a look:

Conan Exiles

A month ago, we detailed new features that were about to be added to the Steam preview version of Conan Exiles, a title that will eventually be making its way to Xbox Game Preview later this year. Those features are now live and developer Funcom's latest stream showed off what players can expect from the new trebuchet and dye system, as well as answering some community questions.

Mages of Mystralia

After taking a look at the main character in a couple of different developer diaries, the "Ed Greenwood Talks Mystralia" series continues with its third episode. This one speaks of the process of writing for a video game.

Mantis Burn Racing

This arcade racer got its first two DLC packs last week. The first pack is the "Elite Class" DLC pack that adds a new class of vehicles to the game: three ‘Elite’ Hover vehicles that use turbines to hover above the ground. This makes them less susceptible to changes on the track's surface. These vehicles also add their own 12 event career season but don't add more achievements. If you want to try out these vehicles, you can purchase the pack for £1.99 / €2.49 / US$2.49.

The second pack is the "Snowbound Pack" that adds a new snow-themed race environment and four more tracks to the game. It also extends the single-player campaign by adding season two and season three to the Veteran Class career — a total of 34 extra events. Unlike the above pack, this one is free to download.

Osiris: New Dawn

Six months have passed since we last heard anything about this title. We still haven't really got any more news to share, but we do have a set of new images if you want to take a look.

Plague Road

Just four months ago, this rogue-like turn-based strategy title was successfully Kickstarted. In what must be a turn-up for the books, the game has just been submitted for QA testing meaning that it is hopefully nearing release. In the meantime, take a look at the new trailer that shows exactly what type of hell you'll be facing when you return to the plague ridden town.

Project CARS 2

If the first title in the franchise is anything to go by, this might just be the start of a deluge. For now, we just have nine new screenshots to show you, which shouldn't crash your device anytime soon.

Runner 3

The latest title in the Runner franchise is taking a slightly different approach to gameplay this time around. Now, Runner doesn't just run endlessly. Instead, he can freely wander through levels in any direction and even pause if you wish. You'll only want to pause for a few moments though, or you'll become prey to the Eye Bats. This change of pace really suits the game's Retro Levels where there is a lot to see and do. The Retro Levels are made up of three distinct worlds, each of which has nine levels and a boss battle. Each of the levels will be short but will task players with finding a new collectible, the Gildans, which look like gold coins. Take a look at the new gameplay in action below.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Developer Enigami introduced us to two secret areas that players will be able to find in the title due to release later this month. The first is the Room of the Nine Pillars. This area can only be reached through elemental doors that are scattered throughout the game, but to open them you must be at a certain elemental affinity level. You can increase your elemental affinity with the spells that you cast in battle, but you'll need to decide which elements you want to prioritise because you won't be able to max out all of the elements at once. Each door opens onto a platform that contains loot and opening all of the doors will allow access to the final platform, which is promised to pit players against the "biggest challenge in the game".

There is also a room that thanks to players who backed the game on Kickstarter. In this room is the Meteorite of the Heroes, a meteorite that is inscribed with mysterious symbols. The symbols are actually Latin characters that list the names of everybody who backed the project at $250 or more. A bigger surprise comes in the form of statues of ancient heroes, each of which is a likeness to those who backed the project at more than $350.

The Surge

This action-RPG is set in the near future where events have evolved in a none-too-favourable way. Profits are preferred to ethics, workers are mere tools and robots and AI have a very important part in our lives. Only a handful of companies dominate the global market. CREO Industries has just received a large amount of government funding to solve the process of climate change, drought and over-population. They created Project RESOLVE that sends rockets into space at alarming frequency. These rockets deposit chemical agents into the atmosphere to allow it to heal and stabilize.

Protagonist Warren isn't really happy about joining CREO but he needs a job. Unfortunately, he realises too late that something is wrong. After a painful operation, he awakens in the midst of a junkyard. His suit doesn't work properly and the disassembly bots want the valuable technology back, even if that means cutting it out of him without sedation. If Warren is to survive, he needs to head back into the factory for some answers.

X-Morph: Defense

Continuing with the gameplay videos, this weekend's video shows the starting moments of a level. Each mission begins with a harvester core landing sequence. The core drops down from the earth's orbit, stopping just before impact above the ground. The shockwave from this drop destroys everything in the surrounding area so that space is cleared for the core to transform into a stationary structure.

Updates and Patches

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