FIFA 17, Dragon Age Origins & Medal of Honor: Airborne Coming Soon to EA Access

By Kelly Packard,
EA has announced they are soon to add more titles to the EA Access Vault on Xbox One. Players can expect the latest soccer installment this month in FIFA 17 with two backwards compatible Xbox 360 games to follow.

FIFA 17 will be added on April 21st. The two backwards compatible games in question are Dragon Age: Origins and Medal of Honor: Airborne. They don't have entry dates yet but will be made available to users sometime between now and June.

FIFA 17 screens 3

If you're hoping to complete Airborne, make note of a partially discontinued/unobtainable achievement called MP - World War II Victory Medal. Courtesy of user FNSUITE GHOST, there is a heavily-updated solution offering up fixes for this buggy achievement, which is why it's only "partially" unobtainable, but it still looks to be quite the pain.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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