The Surge Targets, Loots, and Equips In Latest Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Learn more about targeting, looting and equipping in the latest trailer from Deck13 as they showcase more gameplay for their upcoming hardcore Action-RPG The Surge. The new video gives us a detailed look at the game's limb-slicing loot system in brutal and bloody fashion.

The Surge: Mini-boss Images

When fighting enemies, players will be able to target specific body parts and deal damage using vertical and horizontal attacks to damage and eventually slice off the chosen body part (or parts). The part of the body you dismember will decide what piece of equipment you can loot. You could simply target a part of the body that's not being protected by armour and end the fight quickly. Or, you can go for the longer battle which comes with a higher risk of death, but reap a better reward with the chance to slice off a nice, new and shiny piece of equipment.

In order to succeed in the game, you need to balance risk and reward. If you like the look of a powerful weapon or amour, you're going to need to fight hard for it. Learn more in the following video:

The Surge will release on the Xbox One on May 16th.

We've got the full list of The Surge achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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