ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning April 10th, 2017

By Rebecca Smith,
Four more titles join the ID@Xbox program this week. There's a platformer that harks back to the glory days of Banjo Kazooie, a speeding music-fuelled flight, a crazy dungeon brawler and a murder mystery where the aim is to stop events, not solve them. We'll be streaming all of these titles on our Beam channel this week; check out our streaming schedule for more details. For more information on each title, check out the list below:



Release date: Tuesday, April 11th

This combination of a music game and a rail shooter sends players through many dynamic environments as they avoid obstacles and defeat enemies in time to the beat of the music. As players pilot their craft ever onwards, they'll face epic boss battles that must be overcome to the sound of tracks from artists like Noisia, Flux Pavilion, Neosignal and Astronaut & Barely Alive.


Release date: Tuesday, April 11th

As the brave adventurer in this dungeon crawler, you can search for loot, acquire powerful magical items, level up and slay monsters. However, not only does this game put players in the shoes of the hero, you can also play as the monsters too. Take on the role of a vicious demon, a tentacled beast or an undead sorcerer and try your best to get in their way. If you don't want to directly confront the hero, you can also control some of the dungeon furniture to create the perfect haunting experience — rattle chains, throw furniture or control traps.


Release date: Tuesday, April 11th

Hearkening back to the platformers of the late 90s, Yooka Laylee is the tale of a chameleon and a bat who together must prevent evil villain Capital B from destroying all of the books in the world. They must collect all of the magical pagies and many other collectibles throughout a bright colourful world if they're to succeed. For more details on this title, take a look at our review that tells you exactly what to expect.

The Sexy Brutale

Release date: Wednesday, April 12th

Elderly priest Lafcadio Boone is stuck in an adventure game with a difference. At the casino mansion at which he is attending a party, there has been a series of murders. The thing is, he knows who the murderers are: the mansion's staff. Instead of solving this mystery, he instead replays a looping day over and over again until he can prevent those murders from taking place. He can't directly confront the murderers; instead, he must hide, watch their actions and move important items until the murders can't happen. Will he be successful?

Which of these titles will you be trying out?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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