Happy Dungeons Update Adds Prestige Mode, a New Shop and an Item Encyclopedia

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
ToyLogic has got a treat in store for the most hardcore players of their free-to-play ID@Xbox dungeon crawler Happy Dungeons. The latest update adds plenty of new content including prestige mode, a new shop, an item encyclopedia, and there's also a list of bug fixes, changes and improvements to take a look at too.

Once you've reached Rank 50, you will now have the option to Prestige and reset your rank all the way back to Rank 1. Your Minions and Items will still be yours and you'll also be able to increase your base Parameters from the start of your new Prestige. The Parameter bonuses will be a permanent addition so each time you prestige, these bonuses will add up. Players who do Prestige will be able to rock a special icon for all to see and will gain access to the Insanity Shop.

Happy Dungeons April Update screens

The Insanity Shop will only be available to the most elite players who manage to collect enough Insanity Points by Prestiging. Once you've manage to save enough points, treat yourself to some rare Awakener Materials and special buffs.

Happy Dungeons April Update screens

The Item Encyclopedia will be handy for viewing all of the items available in the game. Each items' weapon type, buff effect, Awakening and location will be listed and the progress of your own collection will also be kept up-to-date within the Encyclopedia too. Only the items you have picked up will have their details available for them. Once found, the item's details will always be available for you to view.

Happy Dungeons April Update screens

As for the fixes and changes in the patch, user feedback has been used and applied again with changes being made to the game modes and UI, items, minions and enemies. Various bugs have also been fixed too:

New Additions

  • Added Prestige Mode to Customize.
  • Once a player has reached Level 50 they can choose to Prestige. Prestige returns a character to Level 1 but increases their Prestige Rank, their base parameters and adds a bonus to experience points gained.
  • *The above bonuses have a set limit and any guest accounts are limited to a max Prestige Rank of 13.
  • The Insanity Shop has been added to the Shop tab.
  • The Insanity Shop sells items that can only be purchased with Insanity Points which are earned by Prestiging.
  • The Item Encyclopedia has been added under the Help tab.

Game Mode and UI

  • New details added to Hints in Dungeon Data.
  • You can now view a list of login bonuses received for logging in a certain number of days in a row.
  • Adjusted textures to allow faster loading times for stages.
  • Added G (Giga) units to represent total Punishment Points earned to the Event Dungeon results page.

Item / Minions / Enemies

  • Happy Cards – Lily’s Special Pack added to the Happy Cards Lineup screen.
  • Added the option to sell Tools from the Tool Bag screen under Character Settings.
  • Changed part of the Happy Cards tutorial.
  • Changed how Special Pack items are displayed on the Happy Card Lineup screen.
  • When cards flip over in Happy Cards or the Treasure House, the Item name will now be displayed.
  • Fixed issue where the Awakenable sort function wasn’t working properly.
  • Fixed issue where minions that can’t be boosted could be used as a base in Boost Minions.
  • Number of tools owned can now be displayed up to 3 digits.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the number of items held did not update immediately while selling items.
  • Fixed issue where experience bonus was not applied properly at certain times in the Infinite Dungeon.
  • Fixed issue where players with multiplayer restrictions couldn’t return to the lobby after selecting Next Mission.
  • Fixed issue where the game wouldn’t save when using the Escape Rope.
All of the content in the latest update for Happy Dungeons is already live.
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