Slime Rancher Details Patch v0.5.1 - The Better Homes and Gordos Update

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The next update will soon be on its way to Monomi Park's ID@Xbox title Slime Rancher, which is currently available via the Xbox Game Preview program. v0.5.1 — "The Better Homes and Gordos Update" — will mainly focus on improving the ranch experience as well as providing a large newbuck sink, and also adding some new story elements.

April Update screen

The 7Zee Rewards Club

To start the rundown of the new features, we have the 7Zee Rewards Club. This will be a new feature rewarding the most successful ranchers with some unique rewards. In order for your players to unlock the rewards club itself, they will need to read a starmail they'll receive "starting at noon on day 7".

The rewards club will come with items in different tiers and will cost a lot of newbucks to unlock. The rewards will be aimed at players who've sunk a ton of time into the game and include visual upgrades for your ranch, colour customisation options, slime toys, and a whole lot more. The highest tier rewards will cost a massive amount of newbucks and only the most religious players will be able to acquire these rewards.

Monomi Park knows that not most players will be able to unlock the final tiers:

Please note that while these rewards are intended to be expensive (especially in the final third), we don’t wish to make them completely unobtainable for all but a small group of players. So please visit this thread linked below and provide us with feedback on the costs of the rewards club. The prices could absolutely change in a future patch if the community feels strongly about it.


Chroma Packs

One of the item types obtainable through the 7Zee Rewards Club is the Chroma pack. These packs come with colour customisation items and make up for roughly half of the total rewards available. Once you've unlocked a pack, a chroma pack station will appear on the side of the ranch house. As you unlock more packs, you will have the option to assign them to the ranch house, ranch tech, and vacpack at no extra cost and as many times as you'd like.

Slime Toys

Another reward from the 7Zee club is Slime Toys. These can be given to your slimes for them to play with, "soothing their agitation like a music box". The slime toy shop can also be unlocked via the Rewards Club and stocks basic slime toys, with more advanced purchases being made available in the higher tiers of the rewards. Monomi has more on these toys:

Slime toys reduce slime agitation when a slime is near them, making it a handy object to drop into a corral. However, each slime has a favorite toy which reduces agitation even further. The calming effect from slime toys stacks with the music box corral upgrade, but does not stack with other slime toys. If multiple toys are near a slime, a slime will always receive the best possible bonus from the toys, so feel free to mix and match.

Hobson and Letters from Home

More story elements have been added to the game as players can now try to find journals by Hobson Twilgers, the former owner of Beatrix's ranch, left behind all over the in-game world. The journals will add a bit of a backstory on Hobson, "or offer the occasional helpful tip or observation."

Occasionally, Casey will send you starmails. Casey was someone who was important and close to Beatrix but was left behind on Earth. The starmails will include plenty of content to read but the story of both Casey and Hobson will be fully completed in an update to come in the future.

The Docks

There's plenty of space to relax, take in the view and snare some wayward slimes in The Docks, the new ranch expansion that be accessed behind the Overgrowth. A fresh water pond and waterfall can be found in the docks area as well as four empty ranch patches, a sweet seaside view, and plenty of fishing nets that can be used to snare some slimes. "It also contains a secret feature".

Gordo Snares

Speaking of snares, the Gordo Snares are a "new series of Slime Science gadgets that you can use to catch your own gordos". Place a snare on the ground and shoot food into it to use as bait. Patience and luck will come into play from this point as you keep your fingers crossed and hope to catch your preferred gordo. Gordos will offer a few different rewards once they burst but you can also use snares to acquire some "large buddies to hang out on your ranch".

To finish off, we have the list of additional features and bug fixes:

Additional Features:

  • Added a new Echo Net gadget that allows you to collect echoes from the ruins over time. It is hidden inside a treasure pod somewhere in the ruins.
  • The auto-feeder corral upgrade now has 3 speed settings. You can change these setting via a button on the auto-feeder.
  • Tank Booster Ultra is now available deep into the 7Zee Rewards Club. It allows you to store 100 units in each vac tank!
  • Starmail now has an unread mail notification showing you how many unread mails you still need to read. Hopefully it doesn’t cause as much anxiety as the one you stare at in real life, reminding you that you should be replying to those emails instead of reading Slime Rancher patch notes.
  • Coop high walls are now more obviously upgraded, visually.
  • Reduced the slowdown when fabricating several gadgets in quick succession.
  • The plort collector’s manual button now animates. I know right? Way to bury the lead in these patch notes.
  • A few new achievements added from 7Zee Rewards Club stuff.
  • Updated ruins music tracks with higher quality version to remove some audio artifacts. Or alternatively, we procured some artifacts form the ancient ruins. Oooh.
  • The starmail interface has received some visual improvements and readability changes.
  • Extractor rare resource drop rates have been doubled.


  • Fixed bug where especially agitated hunter largos responding to the taming bell would immediately turn feral again.
  • Fixed RadTabbyLargo and QuantumTabbyLargo mouths.
  • Fixed RadHunter and QuantumHunter eyes.
  • Fixed bug where some extractor production rates were slightly lower than intended.
  • Fixed texture on pillar on volcano island
  • Fixed a scrolling issue on the fabricate gadget screen.
  • Fixed bug where Quantum Crystal Largo wasn’t going after plorts properly.
  • Fixed bug where it was sometimes possible for the music to switch to the Ranch tracks inexplicably. Not gonna lie, it was a ghost.
  • Fixed some issues with slimes not having eaten while you slept.
  • Fixed bug where bold text was not bold.
  • Fixed Beatrix’s last name spelling on Range Exchange email.
  • Fixed the placement of a few mountains in overgrowth
  • Fixed bug where rock slimes sometimes didn’t damage player if they were stationary.
  • Fixed bug where ferals could sometimes launch items through corral walls.
Although the patch is yet to make its way to the Xbox One version of the title, a couple of smaller follow-up patches have since been released for the Steam version of the game and are worth looking at for when the patch goes live for Xbox users:

April 18, 2017- Slime Rancher v0.5.1b

A quick followup patch was issued to address a few bugs found in the release:
  • Fixed bug where Pink Quantum Largos would eat Quantum plorts.
  • Fixed bug where Gordo Snares could sometimes have their bait disappear.
  • Fixed bug where slimes could disappear from the Docks while you slept. Perhaps they had gone out to sea?

April 19, 2017- Slime Rancher v0.5.1c

Another followup patch was issued to address some additional bugs, as well as do a first pass on adjusting 7Zee Rewards Club prices, based on your feedback and data we collected.
  • Capped 7Zee Rewards Club level prices at 150k, reducing costs at the very high end of the rewards club.
  • Puddle plorts no longer pop on touching slime toys, such as adorable rubber duckies.
  • Fixed bug where you could pick up Gordo Snares with the gordo on them and reuse the snare.
  • Fixed bug where you could re-add bait to an already baited Gordo Snare.
  • Fixed rendering issue with Hobson journals and water.
  • Fixed a fail to load game bug that could sometimes happen when saving games from very old profiles.
The latest patch for Slime Rancher is live on Steam and will be "coming soon" to the Xbox One.
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