Arkane Provides An Extended Look At Prey

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
Arkane Studios' Prey is just a couple of weeks from release, with a demo out next week, so the team has showed off the game's Talos I space station setting in a manner of ways.

First, an infographic shows just how big the station is, with comparisons to a few familiar landmarks as well as ships of both the water and space variety.

Infographic of Prey's Talos I

Up next is a blueprint of the station, providing a look at all the station's various sectors that you'll (probably) visit whilst playing. Given the station's height, you can probably expect a lot of elevators and/or stairs in the game.

Blueprint of Prey's Talos I

As well as these images, Arkane also released a "guided tour" video of the station with a few members of the team providing their input.

Finally, there is the cleverly-named "Let's Prey" in which a couple of members from the development team play through part of the game. Archived from a stream on Twitch, this hour long segment goes through the Psychotronics sector that you may or may not have noticed on that blueprint. Fair warning, this segment is at least a couple of hours into the game, so don't watch if you don't want anything spoiled.

Prey is set to release on Xbox One on May 5th, with players able to try the game out beforehand with a demo releasing on April 27th.
Andy Mills
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