Red Dead Redemption XP Challenge Now Available

By Eddie Ruckus, 7 years ago
One complaint that some Red Dead Redemption gamers had was that some of the avatar awards were locked away. Originally Rockstar was going to have two challenges to unlock some awards, "Skin it to Win It" and "I Shot the Sheriff", which were in the description for unlocking them. Instead of those challenges, Rockstar has decided to announce the "Red Dead Redemption Rockstar XP" event. I'll let Rockstar explain it:

Here's how to do your part. Boot up your platform of choice and jump into any Red Dead Redemption multiplayer session. From Free Roam to Grab the Bag - whatever your pleasure. Enjoy your multiplayer game as you normally would and when your session ends, all of the XP that you accumulate will be automatically added to your platform's XP grand total.
Once the thermometer reaches 100%, avatar awards will be unlocked across Xbox Live. The awards for your effort will be an Elegant Suit and a Crimson Posse t-shirt for both male and female avatars. You can check the progress of this challenge here.

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