Bulletstorm Enemy Randomization

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Yesterday, Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly released a blog on how they are "solving" the problem of generic looking enemies in first-person shooters. It's a fascinating and funny piece to read if you've got a few minutes, but the nuts-and-bolts boils down to the developers and character artists starting with this guy:

External image

...then randomizing different parts of him to come up with these guys.

External image

To create the effect, Ed (the developer who authored the post) is quoted with the following:

Our standard plane [sic] bald Skull is our base template. On top of this blank canvas we add a number of elements then randomize them in order to make each Skull completely different. For instance, we vary the skin color and tone from pale to tanned or dark. We adjust the body shape and size to have guys that look like they haven’t had a decent meal in several months to guys so chubby they look like they need a quad barreled shotgun to take them down. Then there are tattoos and face paint to bring out the tribal feeling. Then. to add to the gang vibe, we’ve got various different punk haircuts and pierced noses/ears as well as armor, wrist blades, shoulder pads, etc.
The final product looks something like this.

External image

If "reading" doesn't happen to be your bag, Character Artist Bartosz Bieluszko created the following video highlighting the enemy customization PLUS a spot of gameplay action. Enjoy!

Bulletstorm is set for a February 22nd release.
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