Minecraft Patch Fixes "Glide" Issues As New DLC Hits The Store

By Sam Quirke,
Last month, the latest minigame "Glide" was added to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Launching with only a single map, Mojang promised later updates would include additional maps. Some will be free, while others will be available for purchase in various packs or as part of the Glide Season Pass.

The first paid pack, "Glide Beast", launches today on both consoles at US$2.99 or your local equivalent, with the promised Season Pass turning up simultaneously at US$9.99. "Glide Beast" draws inspiration from mythological creatures and contains three maps.


You can choose to dodge yetis and ancient fossils in the Ice Biome inspired map "Yeti" or fly alongside fire-breathing reptiles in "Dragon". Alternatively you can face the "Kraken", flying straight past the terrifying beast as it takes on two ships.


Alongside the release, a small patch fixes some bugs and makes minor improvements. The patch notes are identical for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game.

  • Added Glide Beasts Track Pack (Dragon, Kraken and Yeti Glide tracks)
  • Added new Glide music tracks for the new Glide Tracks
  • Change to Glide to require passing through all Checkpoints before reaching the end of the track
  • Glide Solo Mode can now be played for longer before being automatically returned to the Lobby
  • Fix for spectator not hearing Glide ring or thermal sounds for the player they are spectating
  • Fix for Glide round timer continuing to tick while the Pause Menu is displayed in Solo Mode
  • Decreased the respawn delay in Glide
  • Added coloured particles when you cross the finish line in Glide
  • Showdown in Glide now says "Hurry Up"
  • Fix for Interface Opacity setting not affecting the HUD in Glide
  • Fix for some Boat item textures in the Mass Effect Mash-up pack not matching the entity textures
  • Fix for an issue that caused the damage sound to be repeatedly played at the end of a Glide round
  • Fix for an issue that caused the body of player models to be set back from the other limbs

The patch is already live across all platforms.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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