TA Community Event, Viral Month

By Cee Jay, 7 years ago
We are hosting a Community Event, but I'll let our Community Event Organizer tell you about it.

Chad and Jessie said:
Hello fellow TA’ers,

It is my pleasure to announce that we are hosting our first (of hopefully many) Community Events; VIRAL MONTH. For the entire month of February we will be planning, organizing, and orchestrating hundreds of gaming sessions with the sole purpose of spreading viral achievements. Like mentioned, this is a TrueAchievement Community Event, but we are inviting the entire Xbox community to participate with us. This will be a fun way for us all to give back to the gaming community in a way we know gamers will love and appreciate…ACHIEVEMENTS!!!

Here’s how it’s going to work. Viral achievements are going to be spread by pre-screened volunteers (obviously, the “host” has to be able to spread the viral). Not only are we looking for a “host” for each session, but we will also need a “back up host” to limit the number of last minute cancelled sessions. We, myself and other staff, will then be creating Community Gaming Sessions that will appear on both the Gaming Sessions page, as well as the new Community Events Sessions page which was added to the site for just these events. Here you can view and sign up for any of our Viral Month Sessions. Are you still with me? Great!!!

Besides the TA community “hosting” sessions, we decided to make this event a little more exciting by inviting some guests. We have some “Special” infected, such as EA moderators that will be spreading some of those elusive EA Mod achievements like this one:
Need for Speed: ProStreetEA ModeratorThe EA Moderator achievement in Need for Speed: ProStreet worth 133 pointsBeat an EA Moderator in a Ranked Online Multiplayer race

Then we’ve also invited some “Mystery” infected. These infected will remain anonymous until they are sharing their viral and that is all I’m going to say about that. smile

How you can help:

1. Volunteer to spread your viral achievements. From today until the end of February we will be creating Viral Month Community Gaming Sessions. If you want to volunteer I’ve started this thread VIRAL MONTH: How To Volunteer to share your germs. Please read and follow the example given to help us expedite session set up as quickly as possible. I will be following that thread and answering as many questions as possible.

2. Participate. Visit the gaming session pages, sign up, and have FUN!!! This should be a no-brainer. I mean come on, who doesn’t LOVE getting achievements?

3. Spread the word. We want to invite as many Xbox’ers as possible to participate with us. We have been, and will continue, sending out press releases about this event, but we know that word of mouth, podcasts, blogs, etc are great resources for information sharing.

If you would like a copy of the press release to publish, or have suggestions of places to send the press release, please send me a PM (Chad and Jessie) with your email or who and where I should be contacting.

Now, let’s go out and spread some germs. Thanks
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
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