Galgun and Catherine Demos Dated

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Alchemist have announced via Twitter that the demo for Galgun will be released in Japan on January 21st.

As explained by our post in September, Galgun is not an ordinary shooter. Gamers take the role of a Guardian Angel who shoots schoolgirls with a gun in order to help them find "true love."

The demo for Catherine will be following the week after on January 27th but will initially be exclusive to Gold LIVE members. Free LIVE members will not be able to access the demo until February 3rd. The demo will include "a section of the game's opening, featuring event movies, anime movies and action parts".

For more information about Catherine, I suggest you head over to our Catherine Round Up, complete with trailers and screenshots.

Even though both demos are only being released on the Japan Marketplace, demos tend not to be region locked. If you have access to a Japanese account, you should be able to download the demo for use in other regions.

Galgun is due to be released on January 27th. A release date has not been announced for N America or Europe. Catherine will be released in Japan on February 17th. Similarly to Galgun, a date has not been announced for N America or Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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