ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning May 8th, 2017

By Rebecca Smith,
We have a larger number of titles for you this week — seven to be exact. There's an arcade basketball experience, a blood-soaked love letter to side-scrolling shooters, an ultra-violent form of dodgeball, a fight for survival under the sea, a demonic twin-stick shooter, a journey to find a cure for immortality and a dream-like battle against gravity. For more information on each title, check out the list below:


NBA Playgrounds

Release date: Tuesday, May 9th

Moving well away from the simulation influence of the NBA 2K and NBA LIVE series, the arcade 2v2 title Playgrounds offers more of a pick up and play experience. All 30 NBA teams and a vast roster comprised of current and retired NBA players offers plenty of choice. Meanwhile, the single player, local multiplayer and online multipleyer modes offer plenty of opportunity to show off your skills.


Release date: Wednesday, May 10th

When the protagonist of the game is a cyborg programmed with the sole purpose of completely eradicating humanity, you can take a guess at why publisher Crunching Koalas calls this title a "blood-soaked love letter" to classic 2D side-scrolling run & gun titles. In your mission to kill anything that moves, you'll travel through underground hideouts and post-apocalyptic cities with a variety of different weapons. Of course, you can always use the environmental traps too...

Lethal League

Release date: Wednesday, May 10th

Team Reptile's title isn't a conventional fighting game. Instead of punching the hell out of each other, players smash anti-gravity balls at each other in a more violent form of dodgeball. With every strike of the ball, it speeds up until it hits extreme speeds and quick wits are a must. Take on the AI or take on your friends online, but just don't hit the ball with your face.


Release date: Wednesday, May 10th

An industrial diver is stranded on the sea floor. He has little light, few tools and an ever depleting supply of oxygen. This alone would be enough to push somebody into a blind panic, but when the flora and fauna on the seabed are also out to get you, your sanity is bound to suffer. The more you become stressed, to more oxygen you breathe in and the more sound, time and your surroundings become distorted. Will you ever reach the surface again?

Demon's Crystals

Release date: Friday, May 12th

The Urican astral demons are used to being at the top of the food chain, but when three mysterious entities appear, the peace of the world is shattered and everything changes. Thanks to Sarkon, Ghoros, and Ornak, the inhabitants now act aggressively and seem to be possessed. To save themselves, the demons must collect crystals, the sustenance of their existence, but this means going through the other beings in the world.

Elliot Quest

Release date: Friday, May 12th

If you become sick, you would hope that you get better. Only in the worst cases will it lead to your death. The thing is, Elliot is suffering an even worse fate. When his wife disappears and he falls sick, he tries to take his own life... only to find that he can't die. Instead, he's slowly transforming into a demon due to a rare curse that was given to him by a demon called Satar. He must seek out one of the island's Guardians to help him, as they are the only reason why the land of Urele is not occupied by demons already.

Human Fall Flat

Release date: Friday, May 12th

Bob hasn't quite perfected the art of gravity yet. In these beautiful but deadly dreamscapes, players must learn to individually manipulate Bob's arms and movement to overcome the challenges in his way. He can push and pull things, kick them, carry them, climb things and break things, but will this help him to survive or will it just mean that he'll plummet to his death? The choice is yours.

Do any of these titles take your fancy?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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