New Bulletstorm Video Shows Off More Kills

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
What is left to say about the upcoming action shooter Bulletstorm?

Just earlier this week we learned about enemy randomization. Last week brought us the Halo 3 parody commercial and Skillisodes Volume 1.

Now for your consideration, I present to you Skillisodes Volume 2:

Between the two volumes of Skillisodes, we have seen only 6 skillshots out of the 135 that can be earned in the game. Here is the down and dirty of the latest skillshots for those that can not watch the video:

Skillshot #3 - Voodoo Doll - Kick + Impale on rebar
Skillshot #28 - Parashoot - Leash a gyrocopter pilot + midair carbine kill
Skillshot #57 - Torpedo - Slide + Shotgun blast

The Bulletstorm demo drops this Wednesday, January 25th.

Bulletstorm hits retail on February 22nd in North America and February 25th in Europe.