Rock Band 4 Upcoming Content: Missions

By Dave Bricker, 1 year ago
Rock Band 4 recently announced "Rivals Seasons", which allows plastic instrument aspiring musicians the opportunity to tackle community wide challenges with other Rock Band 4 players. Rock Band Rivals for Rock Band 4 gives the opportunity to earn 170 more gamerscore points.

Rock Band 3

Harmonix recently announced that they will be adding a new Rock Band 4 feature called "Missions". "Missions" will play out in every Rock Band 4 mode, difficulty, instruments, and songs. In essence, it is a task oriented, incremental difficulty, progressive system that allows significant additional and repeatable gameplay through a point based system based on the acquisition of badges. Those using "Rivals Mode" will be able to play more "Missions" with Crews.

Rock Band 2

Read more about the "Mission" system, complete with pictures and videos here.

"Missions" are expected to launch via a patch in the next few weeks. Subsequent future missions will launch via server updates.
Dave Bricker
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