Duke Nukem Forever Release Date Announced

By Ashley Woodcock, 7 years ago
Developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games have announced today that the long-awaited and highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever has finally recieved a release date! Christop Hartmann, President of 2K Games, announced the release date to the world:

The moment fans all over the world have been waiting for is almost here. May 3, 2011 marks Duke’s return as he unleashes his brash and brutally honest wit on the world. His return is going to be epic and one that will make video gaming history!
The game has had a ton of issues regarding it's long journey through development. But now the game is almost upon us thanks to Gearbox Software, the developers of Borderlands, who eventually were handed the responsibility and job of finishing up Duke Nukem Forever

As previously announced, gamers who purchase a copy of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition will be able to try out the Duke Nukem Forever demo for themselves!

Gearbox Software have also released a new reveal trailer for their upcoming game, check it out:

Duke Nukem Forever is set for a Worldwide release on May 6th, North America will be hit with the release a little bit earlier, on May 3rd.
Credit for this story goes to fuzzyGURU
Ashley Woodcock
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