ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning May 15th, 2017

By Rebecca Smith,
The six titles that are appearing this week are late shows, with the first three to be released tomorrow. These titles include a different take on hide and seek, a pumpkin on a quest to identify himself, and a shooter inspired by 80's action films. On Friday you get to choose from a reinvention of Mayan civilization, a shooter that doesn't take itself seriously, and a throwback to classic 3D platformers. We'll be streaming some of these titles later this week — you can see the full schedule here. For more information on each title, check out the list below:


Black & White Bushido

Release date: Wednesday, May 17th

Have you ever tried mixing the traditional game of hide and seek with samurai swords? Well, now's your chance. In this title, up to four players assume the role of a black or white character who can hide themselves in different sections of the monochromatic world. Team Light and Team Shadow are battling it out for supremacy across five different arenas and three game modes. If you can't find any friends, either locally or online, you can also take on the AI in a challenge mode.

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure

Release date: Wednesday, May 17th

The titular Mr Pumpkin is a character who has lost his memory. He doesn't know why he's a pumpkin. He doesn't know why he has a top hat or a moustache. He does know that he needs to find out the truth. True to form for the genre, in this point and click adventure there's an underlying evil plot, a world full of secrets and the mysterious identity of its creator. Will you be able to solve any of these mysteries?

Tango Fiesta

Release date: Wednesday, May 17th

John Strong is an incredibly unlucky person. All of the events from every single 80’s action film ever made have happened to this hero. Joining forces with up to three friends join forces in this top-down co-operative twin-stick shooter, he must blast, shoot and knife his way through the procedurally generated levels on his way to defeating super evil bosses, acquiring ever more powerful weapons and, of course, that precious high score.

Mayan Death Robots: Arena

Release date: Friday, May 19th

Did you know that the Mayan civilization had to contend with alien killing machines? No? Well, they would if you believed Sileni Studios and their reinvention of the "artillery genre". Pick a robot and take it into battle in an attempt to destroy your opponent's power core. Choose between repositioning your robot and building your defences in an attempt to outwit and outlive your opponent. Along the way, you'll win the adoration of your doting tiny Mayan tribesmen, but the Mayan Gods aren't quite as co-operative.

Shadow Warrior 2

Release date: Friday, May 19th

Former corporate shogun Lo Wang is in trouble again. Now a reclusive mercenary, he must use guns, blades, magic and his wits — anything he can get his hands on — to take down the demonic legions that are overwhelming this corrupted world. The procedurally generated landscapes allow up to four players to complete missions, collect armour, improve their weaponry and find arcane relics of legend in a first-person shooter that really doesn't take itself seriously.

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island

Release date: Friday, May 19th

Skylar and Plux are two unlikely heroes on a mission. Created by the villainous CRT, Skylar became his most potent weapon with a powerful mechanical arm augmentation. However, if she's to save CRT from taking over her homeland and changing it into a wasteland, she must defy her own destiny and team up with Plux to defeat his henchmen in this throwback to classic colourful and vibrant 3D platformers.

Will you picking up any of these games?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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