X-Morph: Defense Displays Three New Gameplay Mechanics

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
After all of the various features, enemies, locations, weapons we've seen so far in X-Morph: Defense, some of you may be wondering just how difficult the action is going to be. Well, just in case it does turn out to be too difficult, you'll have the option to choose different difficulty levels with three different ones on offer.


If you're going to need to switch the difficulty to a lower level, you will be able to do so both outside of and during missions but doing so will reset your leaderboard score. The first of the three newly released videos shows us just how hectic and tough some of the missions can be:

The destruction of buildings and structures may seem unorganised and messy, but in X-Morph: Defense, this won't always be the case. The game's dynamic destruction system will allow players to be precise in how they want a building to fall down. The direction of a building's collapse will be decided by how you cut the building down and is "calculated in real time based on the building's physical properties". With this gameplay mechanic, players can use this as a tactical edge to strategically block off certain areas/passages and make it tougher for the enemies to reach their destination.

Take a look at the strategic destruction in the second video:

EXOR also reveals the debris collector, another new gameplay mechanic. Once enemies explode into numerous parts, players can switch to "ghost mode" and collect these parts. Doing so will allow the player to gain additional energy for building towers to help set of defensive positions. Enemy parts will also be factored into the score during co-op mode to create a little bit of competitiveness between two players. "The sound and particle effects for the debris collector are still work in progress."

Take a look at debris collecting in action in the final video:

X-Morph: Defense will be coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 later this year.

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