Crimson Item Available in Killer Instinct Store This Week

By Kevin Tavore, 11 months ago
Killer Instinct has been in the Games with Gold program twice now, so chances are the game is in the collection of many of us here. The game boasts a truly incredible number of achievements so, at times, it's quite easy for single achievements to be lost in the sea. One achievement in particular is related to the Shadow Lords mode and it requires you to collect all tiers of one Guardian in the mode. If you got this right when it launched, this meant one of each of the four tiers, but a subsequent patch made this more difficult, adding a fifth tier you'll need to collect the achievement: Crimson.

Killer InstinctGuardian CollectorThe Guardian Collector achievement in Killer Instinct worth 175 pointsCollect all tiers of one Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

Luckily for those of you who are still missing out, you'll no longer need to pray for an item drop. This week, you can get the Crimson Ram guaranteed. The news was confirmed over on the game's official site and the update is live now. The item will cost you a hefty penny, running in at 10,000 Astral Gems, the in-game currency you earn, or 2,000 KI Gold, which is mostly earned through microtransaction purchases. If you're curious, it'll run you about USD $10.00 to make the purchase flat out with some spare KI Gold in change.

For more information on the achievement, make sure to check out Runner eGirl's excellent solution. While there's no announced end date on this deal, the community's best guess seems to be it'll last about a week. To be safe, you might want to get it ASAP if you want an easier path to the achievement.
Credit for this story goes to Ranga Dang Dang
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