Spellspire Trailer Demonstrates the Combat System

By Jake Hermance, 1 year ago
Spellspire certainly seems like a rather different type of game, combining aspects from word games and role playing games in with cute visuals. The latest trailer focuses on the combat system in which the player uses a set of ten letters to spell out words to attack the waves of enemies approaching with damage relating to the complexity/length of your word choice.

While it might seem like a skinned version of Scrabble, Spellspire is determined to go above that with the inclusion of RPG aspects of the game. Things like gathering coins that enemies drop from levels or gathered from reward chests can be used to upgrade and buy new equipment, monsters have different timers making boss fights require a deeper level of strategy, and different elemental effects which are more/less effective towards certain enemies which make this a unique experience that defies the idea that simple is repetitive.

In this game brains and brawn are equal!In this game brains and brawn are equal!

Spellspire will be available for the Xbox One on May 26th.
Jake Hermance
Written by Jake Hermance
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