World Snooker Championship Real 2011 Announced

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
Koch Media has announced today that they will be distributing the latest officially licensed snooker title World Snooker Championship Real 2011. The newest virtual simulation of the sport sees a different developer, Dark Energy Sports, take over from Blade Interactive, the creators of World Snooker Championship 2007 and World Snooker Championship 2009.

As well as announcing the forthcoming title, the publisher has stated that three-time World Champion Ronnie O'Sullivan will be the main face of the marketing campaign. Hence, O'Sullivan appears on the packshot:

External image

The ins-and-outs of a snooker game are probably self-explanatory; nonetheless, here's a brief description for those who need it:

Featuring real players, real venues and real tournaments, WSC Real 2011 also brings gamers closer to the green baize than ever before, with the latest iteration including full online multiplayer so that snooker fans can compete against one another around the globe.
The publisher seems to be placing particular emphasis on the "full online multiplayer". However, this does not sound like a major overhaul, since World Snooker Championship 2009 has online multiplayer features. Here's hoping that the "full online multiplayer" means that more multiplayer modes will be made available this time around.

It does appear that the developers are working hard to enhance the shot replay system though:

WSC Real 2011 allows virtual snooker players to manipulate time and re-live their best (and worst) shots with an enhanced super slow-mo rewind system. Players can replay the action of any shot and any frame from any camera angle: fast forward, rewind, and even retake shots.
This game should appeal to snooker fans, but it will be interesting to see whether the introduction of a new development team can make World Snooker Championship Real 2011 attractive to a wider audience.

World Snooker Championship Real 2011 is slated for release in Q2 2011.
Keith Gray
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