Jump Stars Official Release Date & Trailer

By Will Cruz,
Back at EGX 2016, gamers had the opportunity to play a new competitive local multiplayer game titled Jump Stars. Players had a chance to experience the simultaneous competitive and cooperative gameplay offered by the title. Few details were previewed in trailers and no firm release date was established at the time. Now in 2017, new information and a solid release date have finally arrived.


Jump Stars is a frantic party game where four contestants are forced to cooperate as a team to secure their freedom. The collaborative effort is tested in the main tournament. Players must work together during four random minigames to gain enough team score during “The Gauntlet” mode. If this doesn’t seem hectic enough, players can play “My Show” and battle each other across 25 different settings. With a selection of unique minigames, the additional challenge lies when team and individual goals begin to apply.

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If that wasn’t enough for you, Developer Pixel Blimp released an official trailer revealing the official release date and more insight on the gameplay. Check it out below:

Jump Stars launches June 9th priced at $9.99 for Xbox One.

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