Scanner Update

By Rich Stone, 7 years ago
Hi all

As some of you may have seen from my status update, I went abroad last Thursday for a work trip. Seemingly the minute I left for the airport, had another re-design, causing the scanners to go a bit mad, set everyone's gamer pic to the green swirl and no longer pick up any achievements.

As I happened to be in the french alps, I had no internet access until today so unfortunately haven't been able to assess the damage until now.

On first look, it doesn't seem too bad. There's been a few changes to the structure of the gamer pages but I've now got a fix for those, and for some reason when you compare your score to someone else they've swapped the columns over.

However, the big change is the order of the achievements - they ditched the alphabetical order introduced in october and replaced it with the "old" way of doing things. Fortunately, they've re-introduced an achievement code into the HTML, although it's a different one to the one they used to have!

Anyway, I think I will be able to get most games (probably 90% of them scanning properly within 48 hours). The other ones (ones with Secrets, as ever) are going to need some more work.

More updates tomorrow night...

Thanks for your patience during this time.


UPDATE: Initial testing looks good. Am switching the scanners on for the 95% of games I've matched up.

Will try to do the rest tomorrow night.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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