Starpoint: Gemini Warlords Announced

By CognitiveCaveat,
Little Green Men (a team of brothers in a small company) has announced Starpoint Gemini: Warlords for Xbox One, the third game in the Starpoint series. The first game was a Steam/Windows release. Starpoint Gemini 2 released on Xbox One in September of 2015 to mostly positive reviews. Starpoint Gemini: Warlords previously released on Steam.

Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is an open world space combat game, focusing on a skill based crew and captain spaceship experience. The game is expected to be more extensive in terms of gameplay and length than Starpoint Gemini 2, as well as include all of the DLC and content from the PC version. The core gameplay of Starpoint Gemini 2 will stay intact, but with 4X strategy and depth.

Mario Mihokovic of Little Green Men Games had this to say:
You’ll be able to take command of your HQ, build structures, govern your faction, expand borders, and use multiple fleets. All of this will be coupled with direct tactical simulation, meaning you’ll be able to command your Empire tactically from above, but also join and direct your armies and lead them to victory. This new concept was born in the community following thousands of suggestions and ideas. Our decision to give players much greater influence spawned this extraordinary hybrid project, but we are positive these changes will be awesome.

Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is expected to release in February of 2018.

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