Serial Cleaner Details Revealed, 20 Challenge Modes Detailed

By Claudio Barata,
Polish developer iFun4All has released a behind the scenes trailer for Serial Cleaner, the game where players will clean after serial killers have finished their jobs. This means cleaning blood, picking up evidence and dispose of the bodies while avoiding being caught.

The trailer explains how the game came to be and gives us further details on the story mode (which will have 20 missions "subtly inspired by actual serial killings from the 1970s"). The trailer also sheds light to the "around 20 Challenge modes" available in the game, which are (together with the confirmed descriptions):

Day Challenges

  • Time Trial
  • No Vision Cones: the player can't see the enemy vision area
  • Stealthy Cleaning: the player can only hide in places enemies are not looking at
  • No Cleaner Sense
  • Super Hardcore Cleaning: No Vision Cones + No Cleaner Sense and no sound indicators
  • One Shot: the level restarts if the player is spotted
  • Endless Cleaner: the player can clean as many bodies as possible until they get caught
  • Countdown
  • Nowhere to Hide
  • Drunk on the Job: player's vision is blurred
  • Old-Time Cleaning: the levels are played in black and white
  • Short-Sighted Cleaner

Night Challenges

  • Day Challenges
  • Time Trial
  • No Vision Cones
  • Stealthy Cleaning
  • No Cleaner Sense
  • Super Hardcore Cleaning
  • One Shot
  • Endless Cleaner
  • No Sound Indicators
Serial Cleaner

According to the developer "Noise detection and 'sneakability' will vary between night and day, and mean the difference between freedom and jail".

Serial Cleaner is releasing this summer.

We've got the full list of Serial Cleaner achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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