Nike+ Kinect Training Online Services To Be Closed Down

By Ashley Woodcock,
It's been a long time running for Nike+ Kinect Training, one of the Kinect-required titles from the good old Xbox 360 days where players could burn plenty of calories and game at the same time thanks to the use of the 360's Kinect Camera. The online life for the game however, will be coming to an end next month as Microsoft and Nike have announced they will be bringing the online services to a close.


The first thing most of us will be concerned about is the achievements that are now in jeopardy. Eight of the 45 achievements the game offers can only be obtained online so these will definitely become discontinued:

Nike+ Kinect TrainingA New Challenger AppearsThe A New Challenger Appears achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 28 pointsOpt in for a challenge at the end of a program Strength or Weight Training session

Nike+ Kinect TrainingU Mad?The U Mad? achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 93 pointsBeat a friend’s challenge score

Nike+ Kinect TrainingCheer LeaderThe Cheer Leader achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 60 pointsCheer a friend

Nike+ Kinect TrainingServe NoticeThe Serve Notice achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 61 pointsInvite a friend to beat your challenge score

Nike+ Kinect TrainingShow and TellThe Show and Tell achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 63 pointsPost to Facebook to let friends know you're starting a workout or challenge

Nike+ Kinect TrainingDrill SergeantThe Drill Sergeant achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 112 pointsParticipate in 5 drills in Take on the World

Nike+ Kinect TrainingWorkout BuddiesThe Workout Buddies achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training worth 169 pointsComplete 5 Workouts with a Friend

With the online life cycle of the game reaching its end and the development team no longer providing support, players will need to automatically save their data locally on their console. Trying to set up a Nike+ account will no longer work and NikeFuel points will no longer generate or sync to your Nike+ account. For more information as to what will happen to the Nike-managed data already uploaded to the Nike+ Kinect Training services, visit this link here.

The online services will be shutdown for Nike+ Kinect Training on July 21st, 2017.

We've got the full list of Nike+ Kinect Training achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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