Raiders of the Broken Planet Developer Diary

By Lucy Wood,
A new developer diary for upcoming asymmetric shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet explores the background story of MercurySteam's pulp sci-fi adventure.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is set on the far side of the universe, where greedy humans have travelled using an ancient power source called Aleph, discovered in ruins on one of Saturn's moons. Having used up their Aleph supply to make the journey, the various human factions are now stranded on the Broken Planet, where they are at war with one another as well as the indigenous population. A native called Harec has risen up to fight the invaders, but with little help available from his peace-loving people he must recruit a band of Raiders from among the humans and hope they will betray their own kind more readily than they will betray him.

The asymmetric gameplay of Raiders of the Broken Planet casts four players as Protagonists, working cooperatively to complete a mission opposite one Antagonist, who works against them with the help of AI soldiers. Gameplay is third person shooting and brawling using collectible cards to customise characters' combat styles, with special abilities powered by Aleph.


An Xbox One release date for Raiders of the Broken Planet has not yet been confirmed.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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