Agents of Mayhem Releases Animating an Agent Stream

By Alex Jones, 2 years ago
As the release date for Agents of Mayhem draws ever closer, Volition has been hosting weekly streams that delve into the development process. This week, it's what goes on behind the scenes in creating the animation of the lead characters.

AgentsofMayhemE3 6

Taking place in a future version of Seoul, South Korea, Agents of Mayhem allows you to select three of twelve protagonists in your effort to drive the evil forces of L.E.G.I.O.N. out of the city. In this video, Volition shows us how the Agent's unique personalities influence the way they are animated. For example, a more flamboyant character is programmed to twist and flip more in the air, whilst a heavier character turns their head and torso at a different rate or bends their knees slightly more when landing. Whilst this may only be a few frames covering barely a tenth of a second, they make a big difference to how we perceive the game.

Facial animations are also covered, with each character having their unique variations of the seven universal expressions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and contentment. A naturally happy character is given a more natural smile for instance. By combining all these together, every Agent will be as unique to look at as they are to play.

For those of you who don't have a spare 110 minutes, however, this is the process in summation.

Agents of Mayhem is due for release on August 18th.

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