The Culling First Impressions

By Will Cruz,
Picture being trapped on an island. You have no phone, no transportation, no weapons (yet). All you have are the clothes on your back and yourself. The only way to survive is to kill 15 other individuals placed in the exact same spot as you. Xavient games decided to make this scenario a full-fledged game titled The Culling.

The Culling

Those familiar with the popular movie series The Hunger Games, will see the similarities in this game. With a 25-minute time limit and 16 fighters, it’s an all-out battle. Only one can survive and it’s up to the player to outsmart, outfight and outrun enemies. The title has been a part of Steam early access for a couple of months now and now it’s time that Xbox owners get to enter the battle. Unsure about the game? No worries! Check out my first impressions below.

The Culling is available now on Xbox One.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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