Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime Details Weapons, Attacks, Events, and More

By Ashley Woodcock,
May was a pretty busy month for Spiritus Games, the developer behind upcoming RPG title Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime. The team has crossed plenty off their to-do list with the bulk of their focus being on polishing the action combat gameplay, as this is on what the team wants to receive feedback first. In an update posted on their Kickstarter page for the title, plenty of new info has been posted including details on weapons types, attacks, events, and more.

Different types of melee weapons, such as swords, axes, and maces, have been added to the game, each with different and distinct physical characteristics. The combat and movement mechanics make use of the physics system a lot more than the usual action-RPG according to Spiritus, and this will cause each weapon type to feel and behave much differently.

Swords will offer speed and versatility as players can slash and thrust with them but will deal lower damage. The turning radius and pushing force is decent with swords but the effectiveness of these actions will depend on the attack type used. Axes are heavy, deal great damage, and have a large turning force that covers a large radius. As can be expected with a large weapon, the speed when using an axe is slow. Lastly, maces are in the middle of the two mentioned weapons with great pushing force, decent damage in smaller areas and even a chance to stun enemies as well.

Three different attack types are available for each melee weapon and can be performed with simply using one attack button:

Quick attack

Pressing the button repeatedly (button mash)
3 hit combo of fast, low damaging attacks, ending with a heavier finisher.

Heavy attack

Pressing and holding down the button
A charged attack with greater effect the more you hold it in

Perfect attack

During a heavy charge, releasing the button in the perfect time frame
An even more damaging attack than the heavy, usually with some weapon-specific special effect as well.
Spiritus has also introduced War-buoys, which are static turret-like enemies that have been positioned by the Marauders where they want to keep something under protection. These War-buoys spray and pray everywhere and at everything should they sense the player's ship nearby. This can quickly cause a slight bullet-hell style environment in certain areas where these enemy turrets are present.

Missiles used by the player have received a bit of polish as they were previously a bit too bulky. Spiritus has made the trails and the explosions of the missiles look much better than they were previously.

Progress is slow but steady with the team's events and illustrations but they have released two new examples showcasing plenty of expression.

The first one puts the pilot in the middle of an in-fight between two warring Marauder clans. A few different options present themselves as you can either attempt to flee, hide and wait for the battle to finish, or charge in head first and show the enemy what you're made of. Whatever you decide to do, your decision will more than likely be decided by how well you're doing with your current resources. The illustration showcases the game's 2D top-down style and how battles can potentially take their course, but describes the possibilities in a 3D manner. The developer wants you to "see more" when you head into your many battles:


In the second illustration, we meet one of the seven main antagonists known as a Black Knight. Spiritus goes on to detail what you can see:

As you may have noticed so far, we have a distinct color palette for the event illustrations; they are mostly a holo-themed yellow with blue serving as an accent color. In the case of the Black Knights however, we’ve reversed the palette indicating that they are out of the ordinary, even in our not-so-ordinary universe. :)

Take a look at the team's latest post to see the GIFs provided to give you a visual of the features we've covered. More details will be on the way regarding items, inventory enhancements, powerups, and much more, so be sure to subscribe to news for the game to be notified as and when we cover the next lot of news.

A release date for Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime is still to be confirmed.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime achievements.
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