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By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
The art style of Dali meets European techno in Worm Animation's upcoming 3D point and click musical adventure Beat the Game, taking players on a journey about the joy of making music.

Beat the Game 6

Beat the Game tells the story of Mistik, a music producer who finds himself in a surreal world following a motorcycle accident. Armed with his trusty recorder Mistik explores the dreamlike environment, meeting unique characters and collecting samples of interesting sounds. As Mistik's collection of samples grows he begins to use them to craft music and hopefully create the ultimate track.

Players will progress through Beat the Game both by collecting items and discovering sounds, which will trigger cinematic cutscenes and advance the story. A remote controlled Roboball equipped with a first person camera can be used to rapidly scour the environment for hidden objects, while the Sound Scanner can be used to track down sounds. For example you might collect and combine a drumstick and a soda can to unlock hi-hat sounds, or you might interact with a character to get them to share a bassline with you. Once collected, sounds can be combined using a portable holographic mixer complete with effects and volume faders, ultimately leading to a live show using the complete library of samples.

While the soundtrack of Beat the Game is scored by house and techno producer Marc Houle, the emphasis is on supporting the creativity and self-expression of the player rather than making them play along to a pre-set pattern. Players will be able to combine their samples any way they like to make music that suits a variety of moods from mellow to upbeat.

"Beat The Game is a love letter to my passions in life...Charming characters, sci-fi fantasy, European art and, of course, electronic music. We’ve put a huge amount of the work into giving the game a totally unique personality. And with the music making element, we can’t wait for players to flex their compositional muscles to create their own unique soundtracks.”
Cemre Ozkurt, Worm Animation founder
Beat the Game is due to be released on Xbox One and PC later this summer.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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