[UPDATE] Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Coming to Xbox One

By Claudio Barata,
Edit: Microsoft's Albert Penello has confirmed that players will be able to use their original Xbox discs in their Xbox One consoles. If you have previously purchased original Xbox games from the marketplace then these digital licenses will carry over too. Finally, system-link play will be available across all three generations of Xbox consoles.

Original Story:

After informing viewers that 385 games are now backwards compatible, Phil Spencer announced during the E3 Microsoft press conference that the team had been listening to feedback and, to the delight of the crowd in attendance, revealed that the original Xbox games will soon be playable on Xbox One.

Crimson Skies Cover

The first confirmed game is Crimson Skies, an action flight game published by Microsoft in 2003 with a Metacritic score of 8.8. It's a beloved title from nostalgic gamers who regularly spam Spencer's Twitter feed with requests for the feature and game alike. There's no word yet on other titles that will be following to Xbox One, but he promised more information soon.

Original Xbox backwards compatibility is coming later this year.
Claudio Barata
Written by Claudio Barata
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