Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Announced

By Stephanie Caldwell,
Life Is Strange grabbed gamers’ hearts and gained a big following since its release in 2015. The episodic series wrapped up later the same year, and many started to wonder if there would be a new series.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Microsoft just took to the E3 stage with their conference and showcased a plethora of new games. One of the new games announced and shown was Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. This new series is by Deck Nine Games and Square Enix — it is not made by DONTNOD. This new mini series is a prequel to the 2015 release and will be three episodes long. Before The Storm's trailer wasn't very long but showed Chloe and how life is treating her after best friend Max moved away. Near the end of the trailer, Rachel is seen for a moment, which could indicate that she will have a big role in the series. Rachel was an unseen but pivotal character in the original game.

Players will get the chance to experience Chloe’s story August 31st, which is when the first episode will be released. The game will be available on Xbox One.
Stephanie Caldwell
Written by Stephanie Caldwell
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