LEGO Worlds Heads To Space In Upcoming DLC

By Andy Mills,
Developer Traveller's Tales have announced the first DLC for LEGO Worlds and prepare your astronaut suits everyone, because we're heading to space.


Titled the "Classic Space Pack", the DLC will naturally take the players to space, where they can drive on the moon and interact with some new creatures. The LEGO Movie fans may recognise one figure in the trailer below, the Classic Blue Spaceman known as Benny in the film. It's unknown if he'll be excitedly yelling "SPACESHIP!" in this however.

The "Classic Space Pack" DLC is preparing to launch on Xbox One on July 5th.

We've got the full list of LEGO Worlds achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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  • Dibbs93Dibbs93419,357
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 14:02Permalink
    anyone know if this game is worth buying?
  • XI ulquiorraXI ulquiorra308,752
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 14:07Permalink
    Game is super glitchy and in my opinion unfinished. They should fix the game before they start releasing dlc's..
  • mrbellekmrbellek324,914
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 14:25Permalink
    One of the DLC packs better introduce multipliers, or we'll never get to unlock Billionaire again...
  • Dibbs93Dibbs93419,357
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 14:27Permalink
    XI ulquiorra said:
    Game is super glitchy and in my opinion unfinished. They should fix the game before they start releasing dlc's..
    will give this a miss for now then lol got lots of Lego games in my backlog already
  • ALollzALollz458,325
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 14:56Permalink
    Dibbs93 said:
    anyone know if this game is worth buying?
    The first hour is really fun, but then after that you realize how unfinished the game truly is.

    Any sense of exploration is circumvented by the excavation tool, worlds don't load quickly enough, especially when traveling by flight which leads to invisible walls. Quests and certain mechanics aren't really explained that well and sometimes a confusing picture in a thought bubble doesn't help. Navigating the inventory is a chore given how frequently you need to do it and building structures is too tedious with a controller. Luckily you don't actually need to create anything to play the game.

    I'd say the large majority of the game consists of traveling toward a golden pillar of light and then excavating straight down to the treasure chest, opening it and repeating. That gets you 80 gold bricks, then you need to start doing quests or chasing green guys.

    Pretty big disappointment in my mind. I found Portal knights to be a much better game, though the emphasis on creating in both games is truly minimal.
  • eohjayeohjay707,241
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 16:03Permalink
    I just want to echo other peoples sentiments. The game is extremely glitchy and unfinished. It's a real shame and I never would have purchased it had I known the mess it would be. I bought it on Day 1 to play with my children.

    When playing multiplayer the game constantly hangs up and I've had to force close it and restart numerous times. Areas will fail to load for minutes as the game attempts to render them. Load screens are also obscenely long.

    When it does work, it is fun - but we even have issues playing in the smallest of worlds.

    Hoping I can save someone else the money and frustration.
  • Posted on 14 June 17 at 16:08Permalink
    Have they fixed this game yet? I haven't booted it up in over a month, because it was just broken. The pillars showing you where the bricks are is helpful, but the last time I played I spent 40 minutes trying to get 1 damn brick that was way underground under the water. The game does not explain very well how to find these things, or how to use the tools correctly to do so. I was looking for tunnels to get in there, then i found the pillar again in a tunnel and had to dig down even further. It was a good idea for a game, but very poorly done. It's just not fun.
  • pogomaxpogomax358,316
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 17:09Permalink
    the game is still quite buggy after the last update and it tends to hang up a little when doing the stud farming but other than that it is a good little game just needs a little TLC to put things right. as for the pillars of light and hunting the chests down use the landscape tool and build a pillar down until it doesn't go any further and back out of tool the chest will be in front of you so no digging and no climbing out of a hole lol
  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS912,407
    Posted on 14 June 17 at 17:10Permalink
    The other thing is it really feels like it's not totally optimised for the controller properly which makes building anything an real chore. When you are forced to build for a quest you resort to just throwing it together taking no care at all.

    Hopefully they make that billionaire achievement easier to get.
  • Posted on 14 June 17 at 18:23Permalink
    Please... please... please... no new achievements... please!
  • Posted on 14 June 17 at 23:54Permalink
    I wouldn't mind new achievements, if they actually obtainable ones. The billionaire achievement is ridiculous. Really hoping they introduce something that makes unlocking that a little easier.
  • LonesquiffLonesquiff426,002
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 00:11Permalink
    Hopefully there will be some classic Blacktron or Blacktron 2 minifigs available!
  • DigiStixDigiStix203,920
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 14:37Permalink
    I hope they add fixes to the base game when they release DLC.
    This game is so laggy warning
  • TheSWFCTheSWFC164,265
    Posted on 06 August 17 at 21:51Permalink
    I love Lego games but really didn't like this. Bought it on release day and not really played it since.
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