Meet E3 2017's Newest ID@Xbox Titles

By Rebecca Smith,
During Microsoft's E3 presentation, the inevitable ID@Xbox montage trailer was broadcast to thousands of watching players. The trailer included brief glimpses of 30 games. We'd already met 18 of those titles and five more were announced during the course of the presentation, so we promised to detail the remaining seven titles throughout this week. Since then, we've introduced Battlerite and Robocraft Infinity in more detail. Here are the others.

Dark and Light

Snail Games MMORPG has been in Early Access on Steam for a while now but it will finally be making its way to Xbox One at some point in the future. Players begin their journey in one of three cities — Vardo, Estel or Zaharul — but the game's "massive" world includes a wide range of different biomes, from snow capped mountains to erupting volcanoes, as well as a diverse range of creatures. Trading materials with other players is encouraged, although it is possible to gather resources on your own, craft equipment and build new structures to protect yourself against the hostile world of dragons and magic.

Dunk Lords

Story Fort's not-at-all-serious take on basketball blends the sport with the beat 'em up genre. In teams of two, players will use "over-the-top special moves, devastating dunks, and game-changing equipment" to win the game. Playing alone or with a friend, the game's campaign sees players assume the role of Slice and his friends as they attempt to become the true Dunk Lords. There will be a choice of 16 characters, each of whom has their own special attacks and abilities. In Arcade Mode, up to four players locally can play pickup games on hazardous courts. The title will appear on Xbox One in the future.

Minion Masters: Forced to Duel

Described as the "first free-to-play tug-of-war game", players don't literally take on different ends of a rope in the ultimate test of strength. Instead BetaDwarf's latest title tasks players with choosing a Master and constructing a battle deck of cards to defeat their rivals in online real-time Minion battles. The title is set in the universe of FORCED, so expect a combination of humour and brutality as the AI C-SAR places contendors into dangerous game shows. Multiple online modes have been promised, such as ranked, draft and two vs two, and there will be tournaments. You'll be able to try out the title on Xbox One and Windows 10 when it is released early next year.

Project Code: SHIFT

Perhaps the most mysterious of the five titles, SeaSun Entertainment's sidescrolling game meshes two universes together. A doomed future has combined with a prosperous past and now the world is facing an almost certain armageddon. This unlikely pairing is affecting the fate of every person who still lives. One mysterious warrior must fight to save the world's tranquility by travelling between the two conflicting universes. Armed only with the blades that took the lives of his kinsmen, he must string together combos, counter at the right moment and unleash impressive fatalities upon his enemies. The title is aiming for a Holiday 2017 release on Xbox One, although it may have changed its title by the time it gets there.

Unruly Heroes

You may have heard of the Chinese novel Journey to the West, known in the west as Monkey. It's the tale of the pilgrimage of a Tang dynasty Buddhist monk named Xuanzang, who travelled to Central Asia and India in search of Buddhist sacred texts. Well, developer Magic Design Studios cites this novel as inspiration for its upcoming platformer. The title supports up to four players in co-op mode, as well as pitting players against each other in online PvP modes. You'll get to try out the title on Xbox One and Windows 10 early next year.

We'll be sure to let you know as we get more information on any of these titles.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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