Thimbleweed Park Has First Content Update Revealed

By Claudio Barata, 2 years ago
If you've missed the retro-styled point-and-click game with over 16000 lines of dialogue across 47 roles from bitter clowns to sheriffs that definitely are not the hotel receptionist, then maybe the first content update for Thimbleweed Park will definitely maybe change your mind.


The new update was today revealed and adds the possibility to talk to the four main characters in the game (Delores, Ray, Reyes and Ransome). These dialogues between the main characters aim to mainly give to the player a clearer idea of the relationship and motivations for them to be working together, and according to the developer "[You, the characters] can chat amongst yourselves while spouting plot-clarifying lines". Also, when the main characters cross each other in the game world, they will greet each other.

The new update also includes a new hint system, which is used by dialling 4468 on any phone in the game and is based on an already existing community hint system for the game. This hint system according to the developer works 90% of the time to predict the current status of old saved games but, "if you load old games, hints might not be 100% accurate."

Thimbleweed Park's first content update is coming to the Xbox in the next few weeks.

We've got the full list of Thimbleweed Park achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Claudio Barata
Written by Claudio Barata
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