Bulletstorm Das Boot Skillshot Video

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Bulletstorm fans have spoken. In the second week of polls run by Epic, gamers again voted for the next skillshot for which they wished to see footage. The winner, by a large margin, was the Das Boot skillshot. This skillshot involves two players taking turns to kick an enemy, proving that these boots were indeed made for killing.

Fans had previously voted for footage of the Tug-of-War skillshot. However, these are only two skillshots out of the 135 that have been incorporated into the game. A series of 'Skillisodes' have demonstrated nine others: Gag Reflex, Acid Rain and Mercy in Skillisode #1; Voodoo Doll, Parashoot and Torpedo Slide in Skillisode #2; and Burn, Juggler, and Gang Bang in yesterday's Skillisode #3. Only another 124 to go smile

Bulletstorm is scheduled for release on February 22nd in North America, and February 25th in Europe. A demo for the game is available for download from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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