Phantom Dust Update to Add New Skills, Daily Rewards, Voice Chat and More

By Kelly Packard, 2 years ago
Original Xbox cult classic Phantom Dust re-released on Xbox One and Window 10 last month for the affordable price of free. Heading into July, the Microsoft Studios team gets ready to release the action card game's second update. It's set to add new skills, a daily rewards system, voice chat and more.


As for the skills, they're not technically new. The original Phantom Dust had two updates following its 2004 launch that added 74 skills spanning five schools. In the old version of the game, the only way to obtain these new skills was when a random skill would be dropped for every 30 multiplayer matches completed. Microsoft hasn't taken out this somewhat archaic way of obtaining the skills — players will still earn one every 30 games — but they've added a daily rewards system to make things more accessible to everyone.

All players have to do is log in every day (make sure to go to the Xbox Live multiplayer menu or load up a single player save) and they'll be awarded one skill. Logging in more than four days in one week will reward an additional skill. Of course, there will be notification popups so you'll know when you get one.

That's about 11 weeks to get all the skills from reward bonuses alone, not counting those received every 30 matches. In addition to being earnable as daily rewards, the skills will also be added to an expansion pack for US$4.99 that will grant instant access to three copies of all 74 skills. For those who find themselves wishing they had a different skill, they can always trade with their friends or other players via Phantom Dust's trading system.

There is another welcome addition for fans of the game's multiplayer — in-game voice chat. Microsoft hopes players will use this positively to "lead by example and give tips and share strategies."

The troublesome NPC mission system has also had a minor quality of life improvement. Players have found it hard to know who to see and when regarding missions. While the developers can't easily change something so deeply engraved in the original game, an option has been added to the pause menu that will "open a web page with a complete list of who you should talk to at any point in the game to get your next mission."

Phantom Dust

They also offered a list of more minor fixes that will be addressed with the patch:

  • Optimized performance options
  • Updated Quick Match behavior to handle full lobbies more gracefully
  • Resolved screen orientation issue that was present on some devices
  • Fixed a bug on PC where title performance would dip on some systems when the VSync toggle option is set to off
  • Fixed a bug where the active user can be changed without returning to the Phantom Dust title screen after a prompted sign in following a sign out from the main menu
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor navigation inputs remain permanently active when a gamepad is disconnected while a cursor navigation input is held
Lastly, if this known issue regarding controller disconnection affects you, be sure to take note. It won't be fixed in this week's update, but there is a workaround while a better solution can be implemented:

  • Disconnection of an active Xbox One chat device or powering down a controller with an Xbox chat device plugged into it while voice chat is active causes to the system to stop taking controller input
  • Workaround: Avoid this by not disconnecting a chat device from the controller or Xbox during voice chat sessions or turning off or allowing the controller to lose power during voice chat sessions
The update — and presumably the DLC expansion allowing immediate purchase of all 74 skills — goes live for Phantom Dust this Wednesday, June 28th.

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