Lords of the Fallen and Sniper Ghost Warrior Devs Look Toward the Future

By Kelly Packard,
Developer CI Games, formerly known as City Interactive, composed their plans for the future into a public press release. The developer, who is also known for publishing their own games, is best known for the Sniper Ghost Warrior series and their work on Lords of the Fallen with Deck13.


First off, CI briefly touched on the sequel to Lords of the Fallen, which they confirmed is still planned, though it was announced several years ago. Lords of the Fallen 2 was originally estimated for a 2017 release, but with how little we've seen or heard of the game, this timeline no longer seems likely.

They've also reiterated their commitment to support Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 with future updates throughout 2017. Chief Executive Officer Marek Tymiñski also addressed some of the shortcomings of the third installment and believes "we’ve learned a lot as a team over the course of development." According to Tymiñski, CI's hopes for the game were "too ambitious versus what we could have been able to deliver in any reasonable amount of time." He regrets "positioning the game in a AAA category," as the small studio was unequipped to offer what other AAA publishers can put out with ease and "spent too much effort trying to catch up with other AAA titles in terms of their production values and features." He calls that decision "a big mistake."

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Tymiñski also opened up about the team's next project — "a great tactical shooter where we can focus on exciting gameplay, some key mechanics, and missions that have depth without all of the trappings of a large open-world setting" that will be "even more tactical than SGW3."
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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