PSA: Bean Dive 2017 Registration is Now Open

By Dave Horobin,
If for some reason you haven't noticed the notifications popping up on your friend feed already, here's your reminder that registration for the Eighth Annual International Bean Dive is now open!

Bean Dive 2017

To start your Bean Dive, head over to the Bean Dive Hub and click the "Start my Dive" button located on the right-hand side of the page. The site will then capture your current stats and begin adding any new games to your Bean Dive totals.

Once the site has tracked your last game, head back to the Bean Dive Hub and click the "Finish my Dive" button so we can update your final totals, and begin to track your progress to recovery.

WARNING: Be absolutely sure you've finished your dive and that all of the achievements from your dived games have been scanned on to TA before you press the "Finish My Dive" button, as all recorded stats will be reset if/when you decide to start another.

Registration for the event will close on July 9th at 23:59 (GMT+0), so make sure you start your dive before then if you want to take part in this year's event.

On yesterday's TA Podcast, we were asked to find out which year had the most dived games. You can see the top three years below. Do you think we'll get anywhere near those numbers this time around?

40,429 - 2014
39,832 - 2013
32,916 - 2016

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Happy diving! dive
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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