New Details and Trailer for Phantom 8 Studio's PAST CURE

By Lexley Ford,
Earlier this year, Berlin-based indie developer Phantom 8 Studio revealed their first game, Past Cure, a story-focused third person shooter combining action and stealth gameplay. The plot follows the story of Ian, an ex-soldier with supernatural powers, alternating between a gritty real world and an abstract dream world in an “Inception meets John Wick meets Fight Club” sort of way.

Past Cure

With the help of his brother Markus and the mysterious double agent Sophia, Ian will pursue the men that once betrayed him and subjected to horrific human experimentation. In order to get the characters and story right the team spent a lot of time creating a series of complex characters so that "their intense experiences capture the player’s imagination" until the very end. In doing so they crafted a plot that is never predictable, but still manages to stay “coherent and resonant”.

As is sometimes the case with games with a heavy focus on story, the gameplay can feel like it has been an afterthought. Phantom 8 has made it their main goal to deliver an experience with both a strong story and intense gameplay. The team has also used the latest 3D scanning and motion capture technologies, and used MMA fighters to craft the movements and fighting styles seen in game. PAST CURE will feature:
- The real world, focusing on challenging stealth missions that can spiral quickly into high pressure shooting and melee encounters.
- The dream world, where twisted monsters roam, escape is not an option, and stealth becomes indispensable.
- Ian’s special powers, crucial to reaching his objectives but with each use coming at a significant cost.
A new story trailer for the game has also been released and can be viewed below:

An Xbox One release date for PAST CURE has yet to be announced.

We've got the full list of Past Cure achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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