Interview With Dead Exit Developer Chantelle From Radiation Burn

By Dave Bricker, 1 year ago
Chantelle from Radiation Burn made herself available for an interview on the upcoming card and board game known as Dead Exit. The interview features interesting questions, both game related and moderately nonsensical, candy wrappers, and edited hair. Dead Exit is a zombie survival apocalypse extravaganza where you use cards to survive instead of guns, knives, kitchen sinks, or chicken legs.

As an interesting addition to the video , Radiation Burn included a sped up version of an editing session of a early graphically edited character (the audio is overlaid on top of the video). It does not include colored textures, but could be interesting for prospective game creation fans.

Dead Exit is expected to launch sometime this summer.

We've got the full list of Dead Exit achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Dave Bricker
Written by Dave Bricker
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