Dungeon Defenders II Patch Detailed and Released

By Dave Bricker, 1 year ago
The Trendy team announced a new patch for Dungeon Defenders II. The patch fixes the biggest bugs reported to the team.

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Among the bug fixes are:

  • Loading screen crashes.
  • Town crashes.
  • Series EV2 proton beam crash.
  • A number of crashes that would happen when placing certain Dryad defenses, Lavamancer defenses and auras.
  • A bug where players were unable to properly equip costumes.
In addition to the bug crashes, a number of enhancements not initially available at launch were added, including improvements to the tutorial and new campaign updates. This update brings the Xbox One version into parity with the PC and PS4 versions. Future updates (and current work) will include improvements to server stability, game improvements, and a new huge post-launch update.

This bug fix patch is now live.

We've got the full list of Dungeon Defenders II achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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