Viral Month Has Begun!

By zigs00, 7 years ago
It's here...

As I'm sure most of you have noticed from the new header, TA's first, highly contagious Community Event has started, with the next four weeks dedicated to spreading viral achievements!

As previously detailed, the whole of February is being devoted to this cause, with hundreds of community gaming sessions in the pipeline for everyone to get involved with. You can take a peek at some of the sessions that have already been set up by checking either the purple sessions on the Gaming Sessions page, or by checking the officially official Community Events Sessions page.

Every community session has a specific host, be it a friendly TA'er who has offered to help spread their viral achievements; a "Special Infected" like the EA moderators needed for certain virals, for example; or a "Mystery Infected" ... but you'll have to wait and see for those ones (though mystery hosted sessions are highlighted on the Community Sessions page!).

There's still time to offer to host viral sessions - check out the VIRAL MONTH: How To Volunteer to share your germs thread for more details on how to do exactly that. The more sessions the better, so please get involved and offer to host some sessions if you've got virals to spread!

Along with the new event-specific header image, there's also a Viral Achievements Counter on the homepage where you can see how many virals have been spread already.

There's also this handy link that lists all of the viral achievements applicable for this event.

There's so many sessions being created every day, so keep checking the sessions pages to find the ones for virals you need! Everyone, get involved and get infected! smile