Gears of War 4's July Update Brings Two More Maps and Characters

By Alex Jones, 1 year ago
Following on from last month's major Rise of the Horde update, developers The Coalition have announced the latest two maps and craftable characters for Gears of War 4. First up is Raven Down, a map that will be very familiar to players of the previous titles. Based around a crossroads with the titular helicopter in the middle, it's a very compact map where close quarter combat reigns supreme.


The other map is Reclaimed Windflare, a twist on the existing map where devastating electrical storms sweep the playing field, frying friend and foe alike. Not only that, but the strong winds will affect the trajectory of projectile weapons.


Meanwhile, the two character skins have a decidedly off duty theme with Superstar Cole, who will be appearing in an upcoming Gear Pack, and Civilian Anya, who can also be found in current Packs or will be available for crafting later this month.

The Coalition have also confirmed two new events:

  • Raven Down 24/7: To celebrate the release of the ever popular Raven Down, we’ll be running Raven Down 24/7 across multiple game modes later this month!
  • More for Horde Players: We recently released a new variant of Horde called ‘Anything Goes’, which pits you against 50 waves of randomized enemies. We’ll have another new Horde event for fans to take on later this month.
As well of a number of fixes and general balances:

  • Players shot at point-blank range in cover will no longer receive reduced damage
  • Players can no longer survive under the avalanche on Avalanche
  • Players can no longer capture the rings in KOTH on Avalanche from below the balconies
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to keep weapons after a change in Arms Race
  • Fixed an issue where players could leave a Ranked Lobby just as they join one without being aware, resulting in a suspension
  • Updated Palace Guard dialogue to match their intended voice
  • Improved Oscar's dialogue tuning to match improvements for other characters in the Rise of the Horde update
  • Horde: Reduced effectiveness of spawn manipulation on Security
  • Horde: The Sniper's 'Called Shot' mark ability now works when using a turret
  • Horde: A Scout using Cloak will not break Cloak by roadie running in cover
  • Horde: Enemies killed by Explosive Headshots will no longer reset the Magic Bullet Multiplier
  • Improvements to the Lightning Weapon Skin set animation
  • Fixed display issues with YJeter's Lancer Skin
  • Added 21 new Country Emblems (available in Gear Packs and Craftable)
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

The update will be live at the time of writing. Both maps will be available to play for Season Pass holders in the Developer Playlist, complete with Double XP and 20% Bonus Credits. Raven Down and Reclaimed Windflare will be free for all players in Public Matchmaking beginning July 12th.

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