Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Gets Update and Deep Discount Ahead of Sequel

By Mark Delaney,
Is it far-fetched to wonder if TA Playlist has some sort of summoning powers? After May's community playthrough of Darksiders coincided with the announcement of its sequel Darksiders III, this month's Playlist game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, has been given a substantial new update and a hefty sale price.

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The "Nemesis Forge" free update allows players to identify their greatest ally and rival by way of the game's now famous Nemesis System and include them in October's sequel, Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

The Nemesis System, for those who have not yet played, allows emergent stories between player and AI enemies to develop over the course of the game. Send an enemy fleeing and he may return humbled but infuriated later on. Die at the hands of an Uruk and he'll taunt or fear you when you return to exact your revenge. Driven by player history the Nemesis System is to date still unique to the Middle-earth series. This new update expands it further and delivers more on the sequel's tagline, "Nothing Will Be Forgotten".

If you haven't played it yet or would like to stack the achievement list for the Game of the Year Edition, it's currently on sale to promote this new update. You can grab the game for a deep discount. Regional pricing can be seen below. The game is also offering a limited time trial via the Xbox Free Play Days promotion.

Region Sale Price
United States $4.00
United Kingdom £4.80
Europe €6.00
Australia $7.99
Canada $6.00
Brazil R$36.00
You can purchase the game from the Xbox Store here.

If you pick it up while it's on sale, come join us in the TA Playlist Hub, found under the community banner on the TA homepage. We're tracking stats, earning badges, discussing the game at length in our monthly game-centric forums, and more.
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Written by Mark Delaney
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