Tekken 7's First DLC Brings Back Bowling

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Bandai Namco must really want to win over players' hearts with Tekken 7 — they're bringing back Tekken Bowling for the first DLC. Called "Ultimate Tekken Bowl" this time around, the DLC will reintroduce the fan-favorite mode for the first time in more than ten years.

Bowling first appeared in the Tekken series in 2000's Tekken Tag Tournament and hasn't been seen on consoles since 2005's Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, unless you count the 2011 HD remaster of Tag Tournament on PS3. Unlike real bowling, if you were terrible at it, you could always pick one of the robots and watch as their laser eyesight pinpointed each throw to perfection.

This is the first DLC for the fighter, which is scheduled to receive three in total. According to the original DLC outline, summer 2017 will bring a "game mode" as well as "costumes," so there should be some new getups in addition to the bowling game.

Tekken 7

The end of the trailer indicates "Ultimate Tekken Bowl" will launch this August for Tekken 7.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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