Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Horns of the Reach Details and Screenshots

By Dave Bricker, 1 year ago
DLC Content for the "Morrowind" expansion will soon be available for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited via the Crown Store.

“Horns of the Reach” will be available from the Crown Store and for those with an ESO Plus membership. The DLC will feature quite a bit of new content, including two new dungeons called Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold.

Individually or as a group of four, you can conquer Bloodroot Forge, rumored to have been created by the Daedric Prince Hircine and capable of creating weapons of unbelievable power. Currently inhabited by the Reachmen and Minotaurs, you’ll wade through heavy vegetation and lava-infested corridors to defeat Gherig Bullblood.

Falkreach Hold is a township that has been invaded by the hordes of Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. In both of these new dungeons, you’ll encounter Reachmen, minotaurs, and bizarre Nirnblooded creatures. You’ll have to battle deadly monsters, sorcerers, and fierce warlords as well as challenging boss battles. Both dungeons will be available in normal and veteran modes, including veteran Hard mode for the last boss. You’ll be able to gain new rewards in the form of unique item sets, monster sets, and, especially, achievements.

In addition to the new dungeons, new PVP action will be added to the game's 4V4V4 gameplay. A new map is being added to the Battlegrounds rotations, known as Arcane University. Arcane University is set in the Imperial City but does not need the “Imperial City” DLC to be played. Arcane University features heavy indoor fighting, tricky teleporters, and high platforms.

Another new Battlegrounds map being added is Chaosball. In Chaosball, you have to capture the ball and hold onto it for as long as you can. While you possess the ball, you and your party will get an armor and healing debuff and will gradually be dealt damage while you hold onto the ball. Both the Arcane University and Chaosball maps are available to those who own the “Morrowind” DLC.

“Horns of the Reach” also has an update to the base game package, termed as update 15. Improvements include the ability to cancel a research project mid-way, a Guild Invite History, and an update to the currency system that allows you to deposit Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers into your bank. Customized colored combat cues are being added that will give the player the ability to see which types of attacks are being launched. Bug fixes and balance changes are also being added, including new homes and furnishings.

“Horns of the Reach” is expected to launch in August via the Crown Store and for those who have purchased the ESO Plus membership.

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